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How to throw the best Summer BBQ party
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Summer BBQ parties are a fantastic opportunity for family and friends to gather, grill their favourite meats, sip cool drinks and reconnect. The most important step in throwing a successful BBQ party is planning: for instance, what food and drinks will you serve, how will you decorate, and what entertainment will your guests enjoy.  Here are several suggestions on how to throw the best summer BBQ party of the year.

Make Your BBQ Party a Group Effort by Going Potluck-Style

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First Time home buyers: 5 tips to help you save for a down payment
Savvy Buyer

Deciding to buy your first home is an exciting and fun time. But saving for your first downpayment, which is a one-time cash payment you provide at the closing and is typically 20 percent of the home’s cost, can be challenging and intimidating. However, with a little financial homework, time, and commitment the process of saving for your down payment will go smoothly. Below are five tips to help first-time home buyers save for a down payment.

1.Determine What You Can Afford and Plan a Budget for Saving for Your Down Payment

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6 essential Laundry room organizing ideas
Design & Decor

Whether your laundry room serves multi purposes (laundry, utility sink, handyman area, storage space for shoes, coats, and backpacks) or it is just a washer and dryer tucked away in a tiny closet, an organized laundry area is essential for creating an efficient space to do your household chores. One important hint essential to an organized laundry room is that the area should be well lit with task or accent lighting.  Here are six more essential laundry room organizing ideas that will produce a pleasant and efficient household chore space.

Declutter the Laundry Room by Utilizing all the Vertical Space

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Falconcrest Homes’ in-house interior designer Anna Jilon has over 18-years of experience in residential and commercial design.
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“What I find most rewarding about being an interior designer is working closely with excited new home buyers who are thrilled about all the options and finishing to choose for their home,” stated Anna.

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