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Asphalt or Interlock: Which is Better for Your Driveway?
Home Improvement
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Five Brilliant Ways to Finish Your Basement
Design & Decor

A finished basement is an investment worth making. Not only does it provide you with space to enhance your living quarters, but it also increases the value of your home. Here are five brilliant ways to finish your basement.

1.Create a Family Media Room

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Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day
Community & Lifestyle

May 14th is Mother’s Day, the day that we say thank you to the women in our lives who taught us, shared with us, and guided us through life to adulthood. Many people celebrate by taking their mom out, but no one says you have to even leave the house! Here are some terrific ideas about how to entertain your mom at home this Mother’s Day.

Take on a Project Together

Is there something around the house that you know she has been meaning to get to, but never did? Why not help her take it on, and make the project fun! Whether it is working on the garden, the scrapbook she always wanted to finish, or painting the living room, this is a perfect opportunity to lend a hand, while creating fun memories with your mom!

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New Home Warranty: What is Covered, and What is Not
Savvy Buyer

When purchasing a new home, a “New Home Warranty” is an option that must be offered to the purchaser to help cover malfunctions or damage in the first few years of owning the home. Under the New Home Warranty Act in Ontario, there are legal specifications for what must  be covered. Here is a detailed explanation of what the warranty will cover, and what it will not.

About New Home Warranties

In Ontario, the majority of new homes are given new home warranties. The main company that manages these new home warranties is Tarion. This company is dedicated to serving the public interest by “promoting fairness and building confidence in the new home buying experience.” Tarion offers information on one, two, and seven year warranties, as well as ensuring that the laws for new builds are followed, so the consumer is protected. Under the New Home Warranties Act of Ontario, the builder is required to guarantee to the purchaser that the home has been built by officially registered professionals and is free from defects in construction, is suitable for living, and it is built in accordance with the regulations of the Ontario Building Code. Under these regulations, there are certain defects that are covered under a new home warranty,and some that are not.

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Buying Real Estate as an Investment: Tips from the Experts
Savvy Buyer

Are you considering purchasing real estate as an investment opportunity? Maybe you have the bright idea of renting your new purchase as a way to earn extra money. If either of these sound like something you have been considering, there are a few things you need to keep in mind! Lucky for you, we caught up with Lou Grossi, Broker and Managing Partner at Intercity Realty and asked him for a few  tips on buying real estate as an investment.

The Most Important things to consider: There are many factors to keep in mind if you are buying real estate as an investment. According to Lou, the most important thing to keep in mind is the location. If the location is a high demand area, you will have a better chance at renting out your property for a higher rate. This means that your return will be greater, and will therefore make your investment more valuable.

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