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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Keep Your Kids on Their Toes
Community & Lifestyle

Easter is nearly here and your kids are already looking forward to the weekend! Are you looking for something more exciting than your traditional Easter egg hunt? Maybe everyone’s gotten used to the set of activities, or lack thereof, and you want to re-spark that joy and wonder. We’ve got a few creative Easter egg hunt ideas that will start a new family tradition to keep your kids on their toes!

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Trends in Residential Construction You Should Look into For your Next Home
Savvy Buyer

The construction industry is always evolving to reflect design interests as well as efficient building practices. If you’re in the market for a new home, you are probably noticing some of the newest trends that are emerging in residential construction these days. With so many changes, we’ve collected some of our favourite trends that we think you should look into for your next home.  

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4 Décor Tips to Create a Welcoming Spare Bedroom For Guests
Design & Decor

It’s important that friends and family are able to enjoy their stay when they come to visit us. Being able to take some of the worry out of their trip is a wonderful feeling, and it’s always nice to get those compliments! However, if you’ve found that your guest bedroom has been lacking in charm lately, there are simple changes you can make that will easily transform the space. Follow along for our 4 favourite design ideas and décor tips for your guest bedroom to make it extra cozy and welcoming.

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