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A Guide to Oshawa’s Food Culture
Community & Lifestyle
oshawa food culture

Have you had the chance to explore Oshawa’s dining options? If not, after reading this article – you’ll definitely want to. Oshawa is home to a variety of cultures and delicious cuisines. We have compiled a list of popular dining choices that will be sure to satisfy the whole family. Keep reading to choose your next spot to feast.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Term for Your Mortgage
Savvy Owner
choosing a term for your mortgage

When deciding on a mortgage plan that is right for you, there are various factors to consider. For example, can you afford to pick a shorter amortization period and pay higher monthly payments but less interest overall? Is a fixed interest rate better for you than a variable interest rate? It can be an overwhelming process, but we’re here to simplify it for you! Continue reading to learn more about the things to consider when choosing a term for your mortgage.

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Oakville Summer Events Next to Royal Oaks
Community & Lifestyle
oakville summer events

Are you looking to add some excitement to your life this summer? You’re in luck! Oakville is hosting a variety of events next to Royal Oaks that everyone will enjoy. If you need some wonder and enjoyment, take advantage of these fantastic summer events below!

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Easy Perennial Flowers to Plant This Year
Home Improvement
easy perrrenial flowers

Don’t slave away in your garden when you can get the same look for less work! Several perennial flowers are hardy plants that will thrive in any outdoor space, no matter how much sun your backyard or balcony gets. Plant them in a good spot, and you can enjoy their beautiful blooms for years to come.

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