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Finding decor pieces for your new home can bring on some tough decisions! However, we have the tricks to make it a little bit easier. Wallpaper is a unique and unexpected way to add spice to your current living space — and it’s not just exclusive to the walls! Continue reading to find out six surprising ways to decorate with wallpaper.

Add Ceiling Appeal 

New ceilings can mean clean lines or a blank canvas! Why break your budget with detailing when you can use wallpaper? A sophisticated design will draw the eye up and add character to an otherwise modern design. Personalizing your ceilings is an excellent way to create ambiance in any room. 

Punch Up Your Bookshelves 

Bookshelves are an excellent way to add more storage while maximizing vertical space. However, bookcases can also be particularly difficult to style if you don’t only own carefully curated coffee table books. Add wallpaper to the back of any bookshelf to avoid visual chaos and inject a little style into your space! Opt for a bright colour or a muted pattern to get a classy look that’s visually stunning.

Turn it Into Art 

Wall hangings are the newest staple to a cozy room! Add some custom rope and create an art piece of your own by mounting the wallpaper to a solid base. Are you hanging onto some extra frames? Combine wallpaper scraps or samples, mount them to a background and create your own unique art gallery in any room.

Line Your Drawers 

We know how messy drawers can get and to avoid any extra cleaning — sometimes we’d prefer to leave them closed. However, adding stunning details to your drawers will prevent this feeling from ever returning. Line your drawers with wallpaper that will suit any mood! Bright colours will give you a positive outlook on keeping them organized. 

Beautify Your Blinds 

Plastic blinds can be an eye-sore! Nonetheless, they are an excellent base for adding patterned wallpaper. It’s the perfect bedroom DIY — all you have to do is choose a wallpaper, cut and paste. Say goodbye to those plastic blinds forever! 

Transform a Table 

So, you’ve bought a table, but you’re unsure how it will go with the room — don’t fret! Cut a piece of wallpaper to size and top it with a piece of cut-to-order glass. Voila! A beautiful, one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing table. Now, all you have to do is make sure the rest of the house looks this good. 

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