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Hiking trails are the best low-maintenance outdoor adventure to embark on in the fall months! Take advantage of the cooler weather, the beautiful changing leaves, and the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. There is an abundance of trails in Oakville near Royal Oaks. If you admire the outdoors, you’ll love this roundup of Oakville trails to visit near your new Royal Oaks home.

East Morrison Creek Trail

The East Morrison Creek Trail system was developed in 1983 and provides access to one of Oakville’s most beautiful recreational parks. Located only 4 minutes from the Royal Oaks development, you’ll find breathtaking views of the oldest trees — including red maple, white pine, and red and white oak. It is a 4-season trail and offers an incredible experience in any weather.

Lion’s Valley Park 

Lion’s Valley Park is home to the Sixteen Mile Creek, which flows directly through it. It is surrounded by vast open spaces and is best known for its beautiful hiking trails. Hand-curated trail maps are available upon arrival to make your hike even better! Picnicking and fishing are also popular activities at this stunning park — located just 7 minutes from Royal Oaks.

Taplow Creek Trail

This trail is located just west of the Fourth Line at Indian Ridge Trail and is known for popular hiking of all skill levels! The trail leads to a park where it splits and can be followed up alongside either side of the creek. If you are up to explore a beautiful nature hike one weekend, the Taplow Creek Trail has everything you’re looking for! Located just 9 minutes from Royal Oaks.

Colonel Williams Trail

The Colonel Williams Trail is located in the Colonel Williams Parkette off the Parkway. The parkette features a tree-house-style playground and stroller-friendly traffic. At the same time, the trail offers light hiking for the active individual nearby. The Colonel Williams Trail is a popular walk-along for families and is only 12 minutes from Royal Oaks.

Bronte Creek Trail 

The Bronte Creek Trail is one of the most popular destinations for the hiking community in the area. This trail is a 17 km long back trail located just 19 minutes from Royal Oaks. The Bronte Creek Trail is used for hiking, walking, running, and biking and is great to enjoy all seasons. This stunning hike is recommended for all skill levels and is best to enjoy this fall!

No matter which trail you choose to visit, you’re sure to enjoy a wonderful day spent in nature and fall in love with the autumn foliage! For more great information about the community, don’t hesitate to read our blog

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