gyms near OH! Towns

You may have forsaken your gym membership for outdoor workouts this summer but it’s now time to get back inside as the colder weather arrives! Although it seems like fall has just begun, the reality is, you will be moving your daily workout indoors sooner rather than later. Luckily OH! Towns in Oshawa is ideally located near 4 great gyms that will help you all the way through the chillier seasons.

Goodlife Fitness

gyms near OH! Towns

Goodlife Fitness is well-known as one of Canada’s leading gyms with 1 in every 37 Canadians having a membership. With locations all over the country and memberships that provide so many different options, it’s no wonder they made the list. Aside from all this well-known marketing, the GoodLife Fitness near OH! Towns has some particularly appealing pluses you should know about. Not only does this location have a slew of incredible receptionists that are always smiling and professional, they also have some great instructors available that really show what this gym has to offer. Conveniently located in Oshawa Centre Mall, this location has well-maintained equipment, clean facilities and a newly-built hot yoga studio! 

Crossfit 725  

gyms near OH!Towns

Crossfit has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and, luckily, there’s a spot near OH! Towns in Oshawa! Crossfit 725 is a great gym lead by an amazing group and supported by a deeply encouraging community. Inspired by the ethic and aesthetic of the garage gym, this spot is built by a confederation of fitness practitioners that build varied, intense, and functional exercises for people who want to get the best workout they can. Run by coaches that are very knowledgeable and approachable, Crossfit 725 is definitely worth a visit.

Durham Ultimate Fitness Club

Gyms near OH! Towns

Durham Ultimate Fitness Club is a wonderful facility that offers a clean gym, friendly staff, state-of-the-art equipment & cardio area, and – most importantly – room to work out! There’s also a Women’s only section to encourage a safe and healthy workout environment. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the double deep showers and steam rooms available in both the men and women’s change rooms that make the post-workout detox so wonderful! Round the whole experience out with daycare service packages and an on-site juice bar/ supplement shop and you’ve got a great local gym that suits all your needs.

Fitness Garage

gyms near OH! towns

This one is for our gym junkies and athletes out there who really like to push themselves and are looking to be challenged! Fitness Garage boasts high-intensity workout programs that are meant to increase muscle mass, power, speed, strength, and mobility. Whether you’re looking to get that extra bit of boost to outdo the competition or get in shape, the staff here are excited to help you reach your goals. As a note, Fitness Garage is the only training program in the area with an Ice-Skating Treadmill! For those of our readers who want to develop their skating in a controlled environment, this is the spot for you. 

While nothing may compare to long beach runs in the sand and warm yoga nights in the park, these gyms certainly give the outdoors a run for their money! With focuses on specialized training, customer needs, and staff training these are the top gyms you really have to see. For more information about OH! Towns in Oshawa as well as tips and tricks for around the home, be sure to check out Falconcrest Homes’ blog series.

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