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Getting to know the entertainment scene in your city is important. Knowing what’s around you will go a long way in figuring out options for date nights, weekends, and holidays! With this in mind, we want to introduce you to 5 Oshawa venues near the OH! Towns community that are great for live events.

The Corral Live Music Bar and Nightclub

oshawa venues

After having gone through some renovations, The Corral Live Music Bar and Nightclub is definitely worth a visit. This is a local favourite that focuses on country music. Come enjoy the live performances with room available for you to dance or play pool. The atmosphere really lends itself to a fun experience and a great place to go on a night out with friends. Prepare for Cowboy hats and some line dancing as well!

Atria Bar & Grill

The Atria Bar & Grill is a staple of the Oshawa bar scene. It has a great staff on hand with good prices for food and drink. The space isn’t focused on glitz and glamour, as it is a “no-nonsense” sort of establishment, but it does provide an important space for young up-and-coming rock bands to flaunt their stuff. If you’re moving from Toronto to Oshawa, this alternative rock bar shares some similarities with Velvet Underground.

Beer Drum

Oshawa venues

The Beer Drum is an absolute hidden gem. Tucked away behind the Fox and Goose Sports Bar, this venue has excellent service, incredible food, and an atmosphere that feels like you just walked into your best friend’s place. Well known for their burgers made on-site, the Beer Drum is a local hang out where everyone treats you like family. Be sure to stop by on Fridays for live music; sometimes featuring local rocker/ blues musician, Emerson Ireland. As a heads up, it is a smaller venue so you may want to show up early in order to secure a seat.

Cork & Bean

The Cork & Bean may be a smaller spot than you’re used to for live music, but this is a must-visit venue in Oshawa! As soon as you step through the doors you can feel the great atmosphere that is encouraged here. The friendly staff makes you feel instantly at home and never fails to impress. They serve a wide selection of coffees, snacks, and craft beers – if you’re so inclined. This is an incredible hangout spot that will quickly become your favourite haunt.

Riley’s Pub

oshawa venues

Riley’s Pub is a great spot in Oshawa to sit back with friends, mingle with others, and meet new and interesting people. They have plenty of seating options and several billiards tables to pass the time before live events. Whether downstairs in the pub or upstairs in the lounge, you’ll find the staff helpful and courteous to your needs. Live entertainment usually only happens on weekends so be sure to schedule appropriately!

The nightlife in Oshawa has a lot to offer, and if you’re looking for live music venues, there’s plenty to pick from! As always, be sure to go out and explore your city to see what’s available to you. You may be surprised by what you find. Be sure to follow Falconcrest Homes’ blog series for more information.

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