Add Touches of Spring Decor to Your Home
Design & Decor

Spring is the time for rejuvenation–not just in nature but in your home as well. Once you’ve completed the tough task of spring cleaning, the pleasures of refreshing your home’s feel will make you and your family feel shiny and new. At Falconcrest Homes we believe your home should reflect the best version of you. With these spring decor design inspirations we hope to help you make your home into cheery and refreshed atmosphere to make even more lasting memories in spring 2016!

Bring The Outside In

There is nothing like using nature’s wonders to add touches of spring to your home.

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Advantages of Owning a Townhome
Savvy Buyer


Should you buy a townhouse?  A townhouse is a multi-level home, with a small plot of land, connected to adjacent homes by a common wall. Typically the owner pays monthly fees and is a member of a homeowner’s association.  The homeowner association is then responsible for maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the exterior of the townhouse and shared areas. These townhomes are a good choice for people who don’t have the time, skill, or desire to do the tasks required to maintain a single-family structure.  Or for those that travel for extended periods of time and can’t worry about the upkeep of their homes. However, for those who don’t mind doing the exterior maintenance, landscaping and snow removal, a freehold townhome, which does not have a monthly fee, could be your best choice. Several other advantages of owning a townhouse include:

  • Financial Benefits – often less expensive than single-family structures.
  • Ownership of a small plot of land.
  • Safety and Privacy – the shared walls between units create a more secure neighborhood, yet the private entrance gives a sense of seclusion.
  • Location – townhouses are frequently close to the excitement of the city center.
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Entertaining Tips that Deserve an Oscar
Community & Lifestyle

Falconcrest Homes believes that your home should be a place of beauty and comfort to create lasting memories. With these luxury entertaining tips, Falconcrest Homes helps you take an average dinner party and upgrade it to a high-end event.


The Guest List & Seating Arrangements

An upscale soiree requires more planning than an off-the cuff get-together. Your guest list will allow you to create the perfect seating arrangements for the evening. An official invitation that advises a ‘cocktail dress code’ will set the tone of the event. You can even suggest black tie to give the party an extra special twist. Crafting or buying place cards not only looks classy, but makes the evening run more smoothly. To keep conversation lively during dinner, seat each guest between someone they know, or someone you feel they would enjoy conversing with. It’s the little details that make entertaining high class.

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Task Lighting
Five Tips for Optimal Kitchen Lighting
Design & Decor

Five Tips for Optimal Kitchen Lighting


The heart of today’s home is the multi-functional kitchen. A place that bustles from before dawn to after sunset; where people cook, do homework and bills, read the paper, visit with friends and family and just relax.  Optimal lighting is an important design consideration in creating a friendly, functional and efficient kitchen.  Five tips that will help you optimize your kitchen lighting include making a detailed plan, proper task lighting, clever ambient lighting, minimum use of accent lighting, and appropriate decorative lighting.

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Romantic Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day
Design & Decor

Valentine’s Day is the perfect romantic holiday for beautifying your home and surprise your beloved one by creating the perfect atmosphere. Falconcrest offers stunning and simple-to-do décor ideas to prepare your home for the romantic holiday.

More than your average bouquet

Fancying up the usual bouquet of flowers is an easy way to make a statement in your home. Florals instantly create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the home. Put a twist on your typical arrangement with some inexpensive additions. Those heart-shaped hard candies that grace the store shelves every time this year are–let’s face it—not that tasty. In their array of muted blue, pink, yellow however, they are actually quite lovely. A transparent vase filled with the candies that match your chosen bouquet give an extra stylish and unique touch to the classic floral arrangement.

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Luxury Living in the Natural Setting of Summervale
Summervale in Bowmanville

Luxury Living SummervaleSummervale—the new suburban community which offers a collection of towns, semis, and detached single homes is located in the quaint community of Bowmanville, just east of Toronto. These newly constructed homes with modern floor plan layouts and high quality features offer the lifestyle of luxury in a natural setting of rich Ontario heritage. The closeness to beautiful flowing streams, forest and rural landscapes offers serenity, as well as an active lifestyle.

Luxury Living SummervaleThese family-inspired homes are surrounded by work and school opportunities. Bowmanville is also a commuter community with easy access to Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering and the Greater Toronto Area. Everyday life amenities are minutes away. Parks, schools, shopping centers, and restaurants provide the conveniences your family will love. Head north into majestic cottage country with ease to experience a beautiful natural getaway close to home.

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What to Look for When Comparing Neighbourhoods
Mulock Vistas Townhomes in Newmarket

Finding the perfect neighbourhood that has the services and amenities your family needs is as important as finding the perfect home. When researching and comparing neighbourhoods, having a list of all of the things you will need and want nearby, along with considering your lifestyle, will help you narrow your search in finding the perfect one. It will also assist in finding a community that will be sustainable and contribute to future home resale values.

Here are just a few points to consider when choosing and comparing communities.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

Having gWhen comparing neighbourhoods look at shopping and dining choicesrocery stores, restaurants and shopping close to home help make a neighbourhood attractive.  Home buyers look for ease in accessing shopping, restaurants and entertainment options. For commuters, having amenities close by to home can be a crucial feature. If you have to spend an hour on the road, you do not want to spend extra time in the car when you decided to stop out for dinner or a movie or groceries.

When looking at neighbourhoods, look for a variety of shopping and dining options along with looking for new businesses opening and investing in your community.  All of these things are signs of a sustainable and healthy neighbourhood.

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How to Use Accent Pieces in Your Living Room
Design & Decor

Your living room might be formal, or it might be the place where you entertain, relax and catch the big game.  Whatever its purpose, your living room furniture should reflect your style and accommodate your needs.   Often, when it comes to decorating, the choices can be overwhelming and sometimes we overdo it.  The result is a room that may not be as comfortable and welcoming as it could be.    Here are a few ways to use accent pieces in your living room to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere for you and your family.

Bring Drama to your Walls

Art and mirrors are great ways to create a chic and stylish living room.  A large mirror can be a statement piece that creates the illusion of more space.  Mirrors with dramatic frames or in unusual shapes are easily available, a great way draw the eye, and create excitement.  Art, while not giving the same the illusion of space, brings a personal expression of your taste to the room.  Photo walls and art collections help bring a room together and create cohesiveness.   Look for pieces that elicit fond memories or bring positive emotion to your living room.   One tip for using art is to keep it minimal and let the walls show your art.  Don’t overcrowd your walls and let it upstage the rest of the décor.

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More Reasons to Live at Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhomes in Newmarket
Mulock Vistas Townhomes in Newmarket

Falconcrest Homes recently provided an exclusive peek into what other fantastic features and finishes Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhomes in Newmarket will be offering. That is, if the proximity to major highways, GO Stations, recreation and shopping weren’t enough! The modern design appointments along with custom finishes and features have are only matched by the amazing location!

Smart Home Built-ins

Smart Home Built-ins

. .

In today’s technology driven world, finding a place to recharge can be a challenge. Falconcrest Homes understands and has included smart home built-ins with USB connections as a standard feature of your Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhome. Smart home USB connections provide convenient recharging without having to search for an adaptor. They recharge devices faster than computer USB connections, free up valuable electrical outlet space doubling traditional capabilities along with adding to the future resale value of your home.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home: Décor, Organization and Miracle Gadgets for a Renewed Lifestyle
Design & Decor

Falconcrest Homes strives to build new dream homes where families can grow and memories can be made. With 2016 upon us, let’s take a moment to have a look at New Year’s Resolutions for your home! There are always new opportunities to revitalize your home while making it more energy efficient.

What works and what doesn’t?

Even the most beautiful homes can quickly get stuck in a rut. Take a moment and jot down what’s working for you in your home and what isn’t. Amp up your home’s functionality with some simple technological upgrades that will make it more energy efficient, more organized, and more in tune with your daily living style. 

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