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Your Guide to Wall Sconces
Design & Decor
guide to wall sconces

Did you know wall sconces are a flexible, stylish addition to any home? These lights add a layer of flattering ambient light, illuminate areas where overhead lighting doesn’t reach, and make a stunning decorative statement. So with that in mind, here’s our complete guide to wall sconces!

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How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look in Your Home
Design & Decor

Lighting is a subtle but essential decor accessory in the home. The right style, shape, colour, and size of a light fixture, along with varying degrees of light and shadow, can give a home a designer look. With a few simple and inexpensive lighting tricks, every space, from the formal living room to the bedroom, can be transformed from a dull to a designer look. Read on for tips on how to use lighting to create a designer look in your home.

Natural Lighting is The Perfect Accessory to Any Room

Use Lighting to create a designer look

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