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Get the Most Relaxing Home Possible By Using Mindful Interior Design
Design & Decor
mindful interior design

Between work, commuting, family, and friends, our lives are busier than ever. So, it’s essential to take the time to de-stress and unwind. One of the best ways to do that is to create the most relaxing home possible using mindful interior design. To help you, we’ve come up with five fabulous ways you can use this technique to make your home a sanctuary of relaxation.

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How To Decorate With Rattan, Summer’s Hottest Trend
Design & Decor
decorate with rattan

Boho chic is a trend that is really taking over social media feeds! It’s no wonder why the bohemian-inspired pieces are being celebrated for their naturally calming aesthetic. If you’re looking at how to start getting this summer’s hottest décor style into your home, we’ve got the perfect answer: rattan! Read further to see how you can decorate with this laid-back material. 

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Interior design ideas for an open concept living space
Design & Decor

Open concept living space in home designs has become popular over the past twenty years. Homeowners like the open floor layout because it encourages family social time and is perfect for entertaining. Parents love the open plan because they can go about their household duties while watching the kids.The lack of interior walls also increases views and natural light and gives a feeling of extra space. Creating an inviting and efficient space in an open layout, however, can be challenging. Below are four interior design ideas for an open concept living space.

1. Cozy and Functional Furniture Placement in the Open Concept Living Space

interior design ideas for an open concept floor plan

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