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home buyer questions answered
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If you’re looking for a home you know firsthand how many elements factor into the decision to buy. Before you start your search, consider how you’d answer some of these big questions.

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How Does The New Deposit Structure at OH! Towns Make Home Ownership Accessible for First Time Buyers?
OH! Towns

We’re always excited to share information with first time buyers that will help them in the home buying process! It’s a big step in their life with many moving parts so anything we can do to make it more accessible is a win. Read our latest blog as we go through the new deposit structure at OH! Towns in Oshawa that makes homeownership that much easier.

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What to Look for When Picking a Floor Plan
Savvy Buyer

Choosing the right home is a major decision in everyone’s life. Whether you’re moving to a new city or neighbourhood, you want to ensure that your new home fits the lifestyle you and your family have created. This all comes down to picking the right floor plan because it will shape how you experience your home significantly! Don’t get overwhelmed though, because we have our top tips for what you need to look for when picking a floor plan!  

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Strategies to Save Up for your First Home
Savvy Buyer

Getting your first home is a wonderful new step in your life that can be highly rewarding and intimidating at the same time. If you find that you’ve been looking at housing prices with dismay, let us be the first to tell you that it is not impossible for you to get what you want. With these 5 strategies and a little patience, you’ll be able to save up for your first home.

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Are You Ready to Buy a House? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions
Savvy Owner
ready to buy a house

Buying a new home is an exciting, but also a very big decision. If you are unsure whether you are ready or not, you may want to reassess your situation and figure out if buying a house is the right thing for you. To help you better identify whether you are ready or not, ask yourself these 4 questions.

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