enjoy the oakville outdoors

Now that the rain has subsided and we’re finally experiencing some beautiful spring weather, what better way to celebrate than to spend time outdoors? Take advantage of the beautiful sites Oakville has to offer with our list of recommendations! Simply read on to find your next outdoor Oakville destination to explore!

Visit Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch is a Gaelic word meaning “short lake” — describing precisely what the Gairloch Gardens embody! A lake view and the beautiful surrounding scenery. Take a stroll amongst blooming flowers, breathtaking views, and majestic trees. Gairloch Gardens is the perfect location to visit on a sunny day!

Spend the Afternoon at Lion’s Valley Park

Lion’s Valley Park is a popular park among Oakville residents. Understandably so, with the multitude of activities it provides! Hiking, fishing, & picnicking are popular things to do in this park, home to hilly trails, a creek, and a lawn. What’s more, Sixteen Mile Creek Trail Loop is one of the top-rated trails at Lion’s Valley Park and is a must when you visit.

Snap some Photos at the Oakville Lighthouse

Doesn’t a waterfront stroll in the spring sound perfect? This small, quaint lighthouse circa-1888 is an excellent way to spend some time outdoors while taking in a gorgeous view. The Oakville Lighthouse sets the tone for a beautiful and relaxed scene, whether it be daylight or moonlight. Take a walk down the pier and enjoy eyeing the sailboats!

Stroll Through Downtown Oakville

Walking through Downtown Oakville may seem ordinary, but there is so much to explore! Enjoy some window shopping and the vibrant, cultural atmosphere in Downtown Oakville. You can order some take-out on your way home from one of the quaint and delicious dining options! Having been recently reconstructed, the new addition in Downtown Oakville is well worth the visit.

Stop at the Bronte Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial

This monument standing six feet high is dedicated to the commercial fishermen of the 19th Century. They battled wind and waves on an unforgiving lake to earn a living for their families. The monument showcasing seven plaques etched onto black granite displays scenes from the 1800’s Bronte fisherman village. This iconic finishing village memorial is a site to see if you want to experience a taste of Bronte’s history! 

With these five options, your long weekend is sure to be filled with fun and hopefully sunshine too! Oakville’s natural setting and many activities make it the perfect spot for a long weekend spent outdoors. No matter what you choose to do, these outdoor spaces in Oakville are some of our favourites. Learn more about the community by visiting the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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