trends in residential construction

The construction industry is always evolving to reflect design interests as well as efficient building practices. If you’re in the market for a new home, you are probably noticing some of the newest trends that are emerging in residential construction these days. With so many changes, we’ve collected some of our favourite trends that we think you should look into for your next home.  

Natural Aesthetics

trends in residential construction

Homeowners are absolutely loving the push towards natural features in their home. “This isn’t exactly new” you might be thinking, and you’d be right. However, we’re seeing buyers pull away from the super-dark, hand-scraped floors in favour of engineered woods with a lighter, more natural finish. In fact, white, gray, and washed-wood finishes are making a comeback! Think about trying bleached, limed, or fumed woods with matte finishes or even exotic porcelain tiles that have a “wood look”. If you’re feeling bold, we’ve also seen stone floors showing up in unexpected places, like master bedrooms!


trends in residential construction

It’s no surprise that our society has become much more aware of our ecological footprints and the impact we have on our world. It makes sense that – with this increased focus on natural well-being – new homes are focusing on sustainability. This means you’ll be seeing a lot of Energy Star appliances of course but it also means you may start seeing things like living walls that provide green living and plenty of oxygen! We’re also seeing a lot more solar power use when it comes to sustainable housing. With developing technologies that not only increase efficiency and production but also focus on style, it makes sense why homeowners are leaning heavily towards these new, alternative options.

Informal Living and Dining Rooms

trends in residential construction

There has been a lot of talk about how formal living and dining rooms have been completely dismissed in the construction of new homes. Seen as too formal and not in keeping with the modern lifestyle, it is thought that homes are not built with these in mind anymore, but that is not true. These rooms still exist, but they function differently. The formal living room has now become more of a parlour or an “away room” (as in “I have to get away from all the screens in this house!”). Many buyers choose to make these rooms multi-functional; serving as a library or bar area. Dining rooms are going through the same changes as they become more open and casual; acting as a serving space for parties

Backyard Expenses

Homeowners are recognizing that the backyard has long been under-used square footage. In the interest of making every inch of property useful and liveable, indoor spaces are opening directly to the backyard or to patios, which are then usually equipped with pizza ovens and fire pits. Keep in mind that these additions can come with a bit of a price tag! In fact, that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of may cost more than the kitchen inside your dream house; so, budget accordingly.

It’s always important to take a step back and look at the whole picture when making a big purchase, and very few things are bigger than buying a new home. We hope this list has helped to inspire and educate you when searching for the new home of your dreams! If you have any more questions or interests, be sure to check out Falconcrest’s blog series for more information.

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