A luxurious bathroom, whether it is a master, guest or powder room, is a tremendous asset and welcome pleasure to a home.  And, bathrooms are a great place to splurge on extra special features because they are a relatively small space in a home, which minimizes the material costs to upgrade. However, choosing where to spend and where to save in order to create a gorgeous, luxurious bathroom can be a challenge. Check out these four secrets for a luxurious bathroom look that will add value to your home and give you a wonderful place to begin and end your day for years to come: tile, mirrored walls, smoky glass, and five-star accents.

Create a Modern and Luxurious Bathroom with Floor to Ceiling Tile

Luxurious bathroom

Floor to ceiling tile in a bathroom creates a dramatic, modern, high-end look. However if the idea of tiling the entire room is not practical, consider tiling one or two walls or a section, perhaps on the wall behind the tub, which will provide a strong visual statement. Also, materials such as classic subway tile with a dark or colored grout is more affordable and will give the room a nice polished look.  Other benefits to tile include it is easy to keep clean and is relatively germ-resistant.  Also, it doesn’t get damaged when it comes in contact with water, and it is very durable.

Virtually Double the Size of the Bathroom with Mirrored Walls

Luxurious bathroom

Adding a mirrored wall or large mirror will visually double the size of the bathroom, making it appear more spacious.  Also, a large mirrored area will cut down on tile cost by filling in much of a wall. Also, the use of decorative, ornate mirrors, perhaps over the vanities, will give the room style and create a nice focal point  A mirror also reflects light and will illuminate a bathroom and save on energy costs. Another tip is to place a series of hanging ceiling lights in front of the mirror which effectively doubles the bathrooms lighting.

A Smoky Glass Shower Enclosure Creates Privacy and Sophistication

Luxurious bathroom A smoky glass shower enclosure produces a spa-like, luxurious feel in your bathroom. A smoky glass shower door also creates a visual openness and helps the room appear larger than it is.  In addition to being elegant,  glass doors are low-maintenance, durable, and will retain their value.

Add a Personal Touch and Interest with Upscales Accents  

Luxurious bathroom

Luxurious bathroom accents will give a bathroom character along with glamor.  Consider using high-end materials for the hardware and bath fixtures such as sturdy, solid brass, oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Additionally, elegant lighting will add ambiance, and a stylish wood vanity will add sophistication. Finally, don’t forget the little details.  Purchase a set of lovely glass pumps and bottles to store and display your soaps and lotions.  The pretty bottles will be much more attractive than the generic packaging the soaps and lotions come in.

A luxurious, five-star bathroom will add value and enjoyment to your home.  For more secrets for a luxurious bathroom look visit Falconcrest Homes.

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