Drapes will add elegance and personality to your home whether you are using them to subtly or dramatically frame a window or to create an indoor or outdoor space.  When deciding how to use drapes best in and around your home, consider the use of the space and whether the drapes will be an accent piece or a noticeable focal point.  Below are 5 ideas to a beautifully draped home.

Drapes with Bright, Fun Colors and Patterns Will Add Rich Style to Your Windows and Enhance the View Outdoors

Windows framed with vibrant colors and lively patterns will give a room a stylish focal point and draw the occupants eyes to the outdoor landscape.  And, the closed blinds will create not just privacy but a cozy and warm environment in your home. One hint in choosing colors for your drapes is to select from the same palette already in the room, which will give a stunning finish to the overall room’s ambiance.

For Rooms Used Both Day and Night, Use a Double Drape for Light Control and Privacy

Layering two drapes will give you control over light and privacy; particularly important in rooms used both in the day and evenings, such as your bedroom.  Consider using a sheer drape to filter the light during the day and a heavier drape to block the light during the night.

Give the Appearance of  Extra Width to Floor-To-Ceiling Windows with Simple, Bold Drapes that Fall Ceiling to Floor.

Framing your beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows with vivid, yet simple drapes will emphasize and add width to the narrow, tall windows. Keeping the curtains simple will ensure that they don’t obscure the alluring windows.

Build a Separate Living Space with Ceiling to Floor Drapes

An excellent way to break up a large living space into several smaller spaces is to hang a  ceiling to floor drape.  Sheer curtains, in particular, are ideal and will help to section off sitting rooms or dining areas within the house without restricting light or fresh air.  For simplicity and elegance, keep the curtain texture and color subtle.

Create an Outdoor Room with Durable, Weather-Resistant Drapes

Transform your balcony, patio or garden into a semi-private outdoor retreat with the use of colorful drapes.  Choose a material that will offer shade protection, but is sheer enough to let cool breezes through, which will create a tropical feel and also provide seclusion.


Window treatments an ideal chance to introduce color, softness, and texture to your indoor and outdoor spaces, and the choices are endless.    Visit Falconcrest Homes for more ideas on a beautifully draped home.

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