The task of cleaning an entire house can be time consuming, resulting in it being pushed aside for another day, but what do you do if your family unexpectedly comes for a visit, or your lifelong friend stops by for tea? Speed cleaning is the perfect solution for moments like this, and if you do it correctly, you can have your house looking sparkly clean in less than an hour. Here are 6 tips on how to speed clean your entire house.


At first glance, cleaning your entire home with a tight timeline may seem overwhelming. In order to ease some of the anxiety, prioritize each room, based on two factors: How clean they already are, and whether they get a lot of use or not. Once you have decided which rooms need the most attention, start your cleaning with those ones, and save the tidiest for last. Taking this step will make your cleaning less daunting towards the end, when your timing is getting tight.

Clean in Order from Top to Bottom

Cleaning your home in order from top to bottom is an important step to take to avoid making more work for yourself than necessary. Start with dusting up high, and from there, work your way down. This will prevent any dust or dirt from falling on a surface you have already cleaned, and will ensure you don’t have to clean twice, saving you time in the long run.


If you are pressed for time, cleaning every room in your house may seem daunting. Fortunately for you, there are many cleaning tasks that can be completed passively while you spend your time completing others. Multi tasking will save you time, and get your house clean faster than if you only focus on one thing. Passive tasks like running the dishwasher, and starting the laundry can be completed at the same time that you mop the floors, or clean the countertops, and you can leave the hand washed dishes to soak for a few minutes while you sweep the kitchen floor. Although these may seem like small and insignificant, multi tasking to complete these chores will help you in your ultimate goal of getting the entire house in order.

Create Essential Cleaning Kits for Each Room

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for the cleaning products you need for the room you are working in when you are limited for time. Save yourself some stress, and create a cleaning kit for each room with cleaning supplies required to complete the job. The lack of searching for what you need will save you time, and having a kit in each room will save you from having to cart everything around the house, making your job easier and less time consuming.

Use Linen Spray For Fresh Scents

If you are trying to make your home smell fresh and clean, but are really pressed for time, using a linen spray on your couches, chairs, and bedding will leave your home smelling fresh and clean in no time. The fresh scents will make anyone who enters your house believe that you took the time to wash every piece of linen, and it will keep every room smelling fresh and clean for a few days.

Do a Quick Sweep

Sweeping the floor doesn’t always have to be a time consuming task. If you find yourself in a rush, just do a quick sweep of high traffic areas, focusing on ridding the room of any obvious dust bunnies or dirt build up. Even a quick sweep will leave your floors looking clean and shiny, and you can focus on a more thorough sweep when you have the time.

Saving time is essential if you need to clean your house quickly, and speed cleaning is a simple way to get it done in a short amount of time. If you follow these tips, your home will appear to be clean and tidy, no matter how quickly you need to get it all done. For more tips on speed cleaning, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.  

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