Building a new house gives homeowners a chance to create a home that reflects their unique style, specific needs, and true personality.  But, owners must be careful that the choices they make will pay on the resale, when the time comes to sell.  When choosing options for a new home, stay neutral, particularly when it comes to the higher end items such as countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. Personalize easily modified things like wall paint colors and cabinet hardware. Several upgrades for a new home that consistently pay on resale include the kitchen area, high-end flooring, lots of closet and storage space, quality windows and manufactured stone veneer or brick for the exterior.

Kitchen Upgrades

Most real estate experts agree that when selling a home, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  When building a new house, upgrading a kitchen with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry and counter material, a beautiful, functional island, designer lighting, and a walk in pantry will ultimately give the best return on your dollar.

High-End Flooring

For a good return on your investment upgrade your flooring to wood, which is easy to maintain and always attractive to buyers.  Or choose a neutral color wool carpet, which is durable in high traffic areas.  Both options will blend in with most decors, which is crucial when selling your home.

High Quality Windows

Windows not only play a vital role in the efficiency of your home, but they also create instant curb appeal; making windows a huge selling feature.  Consequently,  upgrading the windows of your new home will not only immediately save you money on energy bills, but increase the potential resale value of your home.  When selecting windows, choose those with a high R-value (a measure of a window’s ability to prevent heat loss) and low emissivity (which reflects the heat to the warm side of the glass).

Excess Storage Space

Large closets and storage spaces always add significant value to your home.  And, more importantly, today’s homebuyers have come to expect massive, walk-in closets in their master bedrooms, often with a washer and dryer included. Therefore, when building a new home, the decision to include extra storage, is essential to the home’s future resale value.

Sturdy Home Exterior Material

Upgrading the exterior of your home to a sturdy material like stone, brick, flagstone, slate or other natural materials, instead of aluminum siding, will increase your home’s value and give your home character, style, and great curb appeal.

Home values are on the rise and once again becoming a safe investment.  Capitalize on this trend by upgrading your new home in areas that have proven to have good payback: the kitchen, flooring, storage space, windows and exterior.  For more information on upgrades for your new home that pay on resale visit Falconcrest Homes.

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