Spring is in the air, and the weather is getting warmer, which means it is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer! If you are wondering where to go, here are some of our favourite parks and conservation areas close to Summervale and Bowmanville.

Longworth Park

Situated right in the heart of Bowmanville, this park is perfect for the whole family. The park is a total of 2.02 hectares, and it features a paved walkway, two playgrounds (for different age groups), a baseball diamond, benches, a gazebo, and a splash pad. So whether you are looking to go for a nice walk, or spend an entire day with the family, this park is perfect for whatever your plans may be!

Westside Marsh Conservation Area

This conservation area is a part of an effort to connect two wetlands to provide more habitats for wildlife and to enhance the existing ones. The area connects two provincially significant coastal wetlands: The Bowmanville Marsh and the Westside Marsh, and it features a 1.5 KM looping trail along the upper land around the two marshes. It is a great little loop that is easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. If you are up for more of a workout, the waterfront trail is directly accessible from the parking area, so you can do the loop, then head over to the waterfront. The Conservation area website suggests that you bring a camera, because there could be some great photo opportunities!

Bowmanville Harbour Conservation Area

If you and your family are looking for a place to enjoy sand, sun, and lakefront, look no further! The Bowmanville Harbour Conservation Area features a sandy beach and boardwalks, and breath taking views of the lake. Once a popular destination for resort goers and cottagers, this area has been reclaimed by nature, and is now a popular destination for a day at the beach. There is free parking, and the area is accessible by canoe, kayak, or car.

Stephen’s Gulch Conservation Area

This conservation area is conveniently located just north of Bowmanville. The forests span 354 hectares of land, including a part of the Soper Creek. The trail leads you through deciduous and coniferous forests, past gorgeous marshlands, and even past the old Stephen’s Mill. The entire loop is 3.5 KM, and is suitable for hiking and biking in the spring and summer months, and skiing in the winter. The conservation area hosts special events throughout the year, including the very popular spring event, the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival, which runs every year, and features maple syrup boiling, horse and wagon rides, and pancakes for the whole family.

Rotary Park

If you and your family are looking for a perfect spot for a picnic and a short, relaxing walk surrounded by nature, then this park is perfect for you! Situated right in the center of Bowmanville, the park offers a short walking trail along the creek, a gazebo for special events, and benches for relaxing and enjoying what nature has to offer. As a special treat, when the salmon are running, you and your family can watch them from the bridge that crosses the creek.  In the summertime, the park also offers fundraiser concerts every Thursday night, with live music from various musicians. The park was donated to the township by the Rotary Club, and has been a part of the community since 1930.

Whether you and your family are looking to go on an adventurous hike, or just spend a day in the park, Bowmanville and area is the perfect place to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer! For more information about things to do in Bowmanville and area, including other outdoor and family activities, be sure to check out Falconcrest Homes website.

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