Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday where children can get creative and imaginative with their costumes. But the fun doesn’t have to end there. Extend that creativity to your house with these Halloween decor tips that are sure to make your home the most ghoulish on the block. It’s fun for the whole family!

Halloween Scarecrow

As soon as trick-or-treaters arrive in your front yard, greet them with a scarecrow mascot. You can give it a personality to match your style: either scary or friendly, male or female, casual or formal. The choices are endless. You can build the body using pieces of wood from your local store or scrap yard. A 2×4 is perfect for the main post, a 1×4 makes the shoulders, and use four more 1x4s to create the arms using wood, glue, and fasteners. No need to make it perfect, just drape old clothes and a scarf over the wood body to dress up your mascot and use a pumpkin for its head!

Spooky Spiders

Nothing says Halloween like giant spiders! A little hot glue, some foam balls, and a can of black spray paint will transform the outside of your house into a spooky scene that’s sure to delight the neighbourhood kids. Follow this easy step by step guide by HGTV to make your spooky spiders a breeze.

Body Bags

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween fright, this super easy and cheap DIY project is sure to give everyone a good scare! Just stuff some garbage bags full of leaves, old newspapers, or old clothes, then tie a rope around it to make it look like the outline of a body. Creepy!

Halloween Zombies 

Did you know an old hoodie and an upside-down bucket can quickly turn into a scary zombie? Place the hoodie over the upside-down bucket and place a zombie mask in the hood. Add fake blood and fake hands, and it’ll look like you have zombies coming right out of the ground in your front yard. Yikes! 

Flying Ghosts

If you’re looking for more Halloween decor that won’t break the bank, you’ll love these flying ghosts! All you have to do is blow up white balloons and place white gauze fabric over them. If you have children, they’ll love getting creative and painting faces on each balloon ghost. Once the kids finish, hang the ghosts from your trees for that ghoulish effect.

Monster Front Door Decor

Use streamers, tape, paper plates, and construction paper to turn your front door into a spooky monster face that’s sure to both scare and delight the neighbourhood kids. Grab the step by step guide from Modern Day Moms here.

Using some or all of these Halloween decor tips is a great way to make your house the most ghoulish on the block – and it’s also a great way to spend a fun fall afternoon crafting with your kids! Everyone is sure to have fun and love the scary outcome these Halloween decor tips provide. For more great tips on decorating your house for Halloween or all year round, follow our blog!

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