The front yard and exterior of your home are the primary views that everyone gets of your home. It is important to maintain and beautify the lot, as well as the outer parts of your home to create a good first impression, and increase the value. Here are 4 simple ways to improve your curb appeal.

Tend to Your Flower Gardens

Real estate agents recommend that if you are looking to sell,  maintaining your gardens can instantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Having a well maintained garden without weeds, and with well trimmed hedges, flowers, and ground cover plants or mulch, is the perfect way to convey the message that the property has been looked after. This method of increasing your curb appeal is simple, and is one of the more cost efficient ways of quickly making your home and property look more appealing.

Frame the Front Door

According to Leslie Land, author of the New York Times Best Seller, 1000 Gardening Questions and Answers, one of the main goals of landscaping your front yard is to make your front door look inviting and appealing to anyone entering. She suggests planning your front yard in a way that compliments the front door, and really draws attention to the entrance. Accomplishing this can be as simple as placing a nice floral arrangement on either side of the entrance, or painting the front door in a unique colour.

Add a Wreath


Traditionally a wreath was used as a welcoming decoration during the holidays, but in the latest design trends, it is becoming more common to use a wreath year round on the front door. Personalize the wreath for your family, so guests have a warm welcome before entering the house, and add an extra element of warmth to your front entrance.

Add Unique Outdoor Lighting


Instantly increase your curb appeal and make your home look warm and inviting at night, by installing unique outdoor lighting along your front entrance pathway. The lighting will not only guide you along your path at night, but it will also highlight the entrance, drawing the viewer’s attention to the front door. The lighting will make your house visible at night, drawing more attention to it, thus increasing the curb appeal.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home can be achieved quickly, and with ease if you focus on maintaining the smaller things like gardens and paint. Whether you install new lighting, or paint your door a contrasting colour, taking small steps around your property will increase the curb appeal of your home in no time, and with little effort.

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