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How To Decorate With Rattan, Summer’s Hottest Trend
Design & Decor
decorate with rattan

Boho chic is a trend that is really taking over social media feeds! It’s no wonder why the bohemian-inspired pieces are being celebrated for their naturally calming aesthetic. If you’re looking at how to start getting this summer’s hottest décor style into your home, we’ve got the perfect answer: rattan! Read further to see how you can decorate with this laid-back material. 

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4 Décor Tips to Create a Welcoming Spare Bedroom For Guests
Design & Decor
welcoming spare bedroom

It’s important that friends and family are able to enjoy their stay when they come to visit us. Being able to take some of the worry out of their trip is a wonderful feeling, and it’s always nice to get those compliments! However, if you’ve found that your guest bedroom has been lacking in charm lately, there are simple changes you can make that will easily transform the space. Follow along for our 4 favourite design ideas and décor tips for your guest bedroom to make it extra cozy and welcoming.

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Spring Decor Trends to Incorporate Into Your Home Now
Design & Decor
spring decor

The warm weather is in the air, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping! Spring has finally arrived, and there is no better time to start thinking about redecorating than right now! If your home could use a fresh new look, try incorporating some of these spring decor trends to see how they transform your home!

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New Trends in Bedroom Decor from our Interior Designer Anna Jilon
Design & Decor
trends in bedroom decor

With a new year started, trends for interior design are starting to change, bringing in exciting contemporary ways to make your home feel refreshed and up-to-date! As a special treat, our interior designer, Anna Jilon has offered some behind-the-scenes insights on the latest colour schemes, must-haves, and decorating trends for the bedroom this year.

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5 Mantelpiece Decoration Ideas to Upgrade Your Family Room
Design & Decor

Mantelpiece decoration ideas

The mantelpiece is one of the central focal points in your family room. It draws attention, making it an important aspect of the interior decoration of your home. Instead of leaving it to sit and collect dust, give your mantelpiece a makeover with these 5 decoration ideas to upgrade your family room.

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Your Guide to Transitional Home Design
Design & Decor

Transitional Home Design

Transitional home design is an interior decorating style that melds both old and new concepts together to create a masterpiece. Incorporating elements of both modern and antique styles will help you achieve this design style. For some inspiration, we have compiled a guide to transitional home design to help you successfully decorate any space within your home.

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Designer Secrets to a Perfectly Styled Living Room
Design & Decor

We all have that one thing in our living room that bothers us. Maybe it is excessive amounts of trinkets with nowhere to put them, or maybe it is the layout of the furnishings, but regardless of what your living room woes may be, it bothers you day in and day out. That is what we are here for! Here are some designer tips on how to create a perfectly styled living room and transform your “woes” into “wows”.

Stylish Storage:

Do you have too many trinkets and books lying around? Today’s trend in the living room is to navigate away from the traditional bookcase and replace it with a stylish shelf with tasteful fabric boxes to hide anything you may not want on display. As an added bonus, you can choose boxes that compliment the colours in the room! Other storage ideas include a tiered coffee table, ottomans, and nesting tables.

Perfectly styled living room

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How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look in Your Home
Design & Decor

Lighting is a subtle but essential decor accessory in the home. The right style, shape, colour, and size of a light fixture, along with varying degrees of light and shadow, can give a home a designer look. With a few simple and inexpensive lighting tricks, every space, from the formal living room to the bedroom, can be transformed from a dull to a designer look. Read on for tips on how to use lighting to create a designer look in your home.

Natural Lighting is The Perfect Accessory to Any Room

Use Lighting to create a designer look

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Interior design ideas for an open concept living space
Design & Decor

Open concept living space in home designs has become popular over the past twenty years. Homeowners like the open floor layout because it encourages family social time and is perfect for entertaining. Parents love the open plan because they can go about their household duties while watching the kids.The lack of interior walls also increases views and natural light and gives a feeling of extra space. Creating an inviting and efficient space in an open layout, however, can be challenging. Below are four interior design ideas for an open concept living space.

1. Cozy and Functional Furniture Placement in the Open Concept Living Space

interior design ideas for an open concept floor plan

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Falconcrest Homes’ in-house interior designer Anna Jilon has over 18-years of experience in residential and commercial design.
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“What I find most rewarding about being an interior designer is working closely with excited new home buyers who are thrilled about all the options and finishing to choose for their home,” stated Anna.

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