The beautiful fall colours have started to show, and the harvest is near completion. With the fresh autumn air and a hint of cooler weather to come, it is time to start thinking about gathering with your friends and family for a Thanksgiving celebration. To help you throw the best celebration possible, here are some Thanksgiving Entertainment Ideas from the Pros.

Send a Unique Invitation

In a digital world, invitations via Facebook and email are becoming more common than the traditional invitation. According to Psychology Today, receiving something handwritten elicits sincerity and excitement, which increases the likelihood that they will attend your event. This year, forget the electronic invites and invoke anticipation for your event by sending each of your guests a unique invitation in the mail.  

Start With Drinks

Start your celebration off the right way by offering guests a delicious seasonal drink like homemade cider, hot and nutty whiskey sours, and other suggestions from Martha Stewart. Serving drinks as your guests arrive will encourage socialization, stimulate conversation, and spread a delectable aroma throughout the house.  

Decorate with Country Charm

Thanksgiving is a celebration centered around the fall harvest. Use the natural colours of pumpkins and gourds to create a centrepiece for your table that has a country charm. To fill the space, experts at HGTV, suggest adding pale gourds to the edge of your table centrepiece. Paired with beeswax candles, this method of decorating can set a warm mood and make the centrepiece stand out.

Incorporate a Kids Table

Accommodate the younger guests at your celebration by providing them with their own table, complete with activities to keep them busy. Provide children with a paper tablecloth and crayons to keep them occupied while older guests enjoy their meal. This allows the children to decorate it themselves, and make it their own table. Set the table with bright coloured paper plates, and provide each child with a special head piece to make the table fun and exciting. After your guests have left, the disposable plates and tablecloth will make cleanup quick and simple.

Offer Take Homes

One of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers. Save some space in your fridge, and give your guests the opportunity to bring some of the food home with them by providing them with creative take-home containers. For an added touch, provide them with recipes for leftovers from The Food Network, and add in a party favour like these DIY pumpkin party mix favours..

Embrace Parlour Games

During the Victorian Era, parlour games were very popular among the upper and middle classes. They were often played in the parlour, resulting in the name that categorizes these games for large groups of people. To fight the post-dinner fatigue, Apartment Therapy suggests gathering your friends and family in the living room and enjoying a couple of rounds of parlour games. These games will leave your guests laughing, and prevent them from being too tired after dinner.

These ideas from the pros will help you throw a Thanksgiving celebration that is successful, and stress-free. For more ideas about Thanksgiving celebrations, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.


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