After purchasing a new home, the prospect of planning and coordinating a move can seem overwhelming, but with some careful organizing and strategizing, moving to your new home can be easy and worry free. Here are 7 tips on planning your home move.

Start Early

Your life is busy, and although it may be tempting to save packing for the last minute, starting early will save you the stress of having to get everything packed the night before you move. To make the best of your move, start packing away items you rarely use, as soon as you know the deal for your house has been closed. This will save you from scrambling at the last minute, and it will make the packing seem like a smaller task.

Choose Your Moving Strategy

Regardless of whether you are planning on moving across the city, or across the province to your new home, it is important to make the decision on whether you are going to hire a moving company, or if you are going to do it yourself. Hiring a moving company is often a major expense, but it can make the process simpler, allowing you to settle in faster. Doing all the moving yourself, however, can be more affordable, and guarantees that you know where everything is. Whatever your moving strategy is, choosing the one that best suits your lifestyle will make your transition to your new home simpler and more successful in the long run.

Change Your Mailing Address

In the excitement of moving into a new home, many people often forget to change their mailing address for important documents. Before settling down, ensure that you notify your post office of the address change, and look into getting a mail forwarding service set up. In addition to ensuring your mail is sent to the right address, take the time to change your address on your driver’s license and health card, as well as other government issued identifications. This is an important step to take, as it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Take Time to Organize and Clean

Sometimes, when the decision to move has been made, tasks like cleaning, purging, and organizing are forgotten. Taking the time to deep clean your personal belongings before your move will ensure you start off in your new home without the dust and dirt from your old place. Before you pack all of your personal belongings, make sure every item is cleaned and dusted. When you have completed the cleaning, take time to sort through all of your items, and discard or donate things you no longer use. Once these tasks have been completed, the final step is to organize everything. Label your boxes by room, and organize everything so that unpacking at your new home will be easy and efficient.

Prepare a Moving Day Kit

Nothing is worse than arriving at your new home, and realizing that all of your clothes for work the next day, your toothbrush, and your deodorant are packed away in a box in the back of a moving van. Instead of causing this unwanted nuisance, set aside a moving day kit, complete with the daily essentials for a few days. This will save you from frantically searching through moving boxes, and it will allow you to settle in and enjoy the unpacking process.

Cancel and Resubscribe for Services

The internet is such a common part of every household today that it is possible to forget that your service provider and your account are linked to your current address. Before you move, ensure that all internet, telephone, and cable services have been canceled at your old address, and have them set up for your new location. It is also important to ensure that services such as hydro and water are no longer charged for your old address.

Put Your Dreams and Plans Into Action

When you first decided to purchase your home, you probably had many dreams and plans about how you wanted to take that house and turn it into your home. Now that you are ready to move in, take some of those dreams, and put them into action. Taking the time to add your personal touch to the new house will make it feel like yours, and help you settle in.

Planning a move is simple if you have a plan, are organized, and take some time to make your new house feel like your own. Following these tips will help make your move simple, allowing you and your family to quickly settle in and enjoy what your new home has to offer. For more tips on planning your home move, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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